What is the Interactive Zoo?

The interactive zoo is a flash based website that allows visitors to learn about the animals that live at the Dublin Zoo while encouraging creativity. In the Interactive Zoo you follow a friendly Meerkat as she visits the animals around the zoo. There are many things you can do online and also offline.

You will visit the different animals like Elephant, Gorilla, and Ostrich. You can chat to them and learn about where they live and what make them special. You can look at picture or print out a guide to help make your own animal puppet.

Click on make a habitat to put together a scene with your favorite animals. You can switch backgrounds and animals. You can then print your scene or save it to your computer.

This website was made for my major project as part of the Interactive Media course at Senior College Dun Loaghaire.

Enjoy exploring the zoo, I hope you learn something and are inspired to get creative.

thank you

Thanks and credits

I would like to thank the people that helped me with this project.

Thanks to my wife Fiona Snow who gets credit for animating the meerkat and elephant in addition to the whole ongoing support thing and putting up with me when I was grumpy.

Thanks to Dublin Zoo. Specifically thanks to Una Smyth, Dublin Zoo education officer, who was good enough to meet with me, give me some ideas, and a huge stack of educational materials.

All of the extremely helpful tutorials and message boards out there on the internets.

A big thanks to the Interactive Media course tutors who got me to this level in just two years.

Thanks to my voice actors:
Fiona Snow as Meerkat and Red Panda
Jessica Amacher as Elephant
Carl Mohler as The Singing Ostrich

thank you